Leasing Benefits

Equipment Leasing Benefits

Why Equipment Leasing Is a Good Alternative Funding Option!

Leasing Conserves Working Capital

Your capital can be put to work for other more profitable purposes.

Businesses that retain working capital put themselves in a healthier position to grow.

Particularly with technology based equipment, why would you want to invest capital into something which loses value quickly, and would need updating in the near future?

Leasing Is Tax Efficient

All monthly repayments can be offset against taxable profit.

Equipment Leasing is a fantastic way of acquiring equipment with a business tax benefit.

Leasing payments made in any financial year can be offset against the businesses taxable profit.

An accountant is a good source of impartial advice on this subject.

Leasing Preserves Existing Lines Of Credit/Leasing Is an Alternative Form of Finance

Leasing will not normally affect any existing finance already set up.

If you have a facility with your bank, this will not be affected by choosing a lease option, it just gives your business extra funding options.

Leasing for Business provide alternative funders for you to consider.

Leasing Allows a Business to Plan Budgets

With lease payments you know when, and how much you have to pay, the costs are fixed for the period of the contract.

If, for example, you run a garage and are funding an MOT bay, you will know that you only have to carry out 4 MOT’S per week to cover the cost of the monthly repayment.

Any extra revenue generated can be potentially put back into the business to fund other equipment.

Leasing Allows You to Acquire What You Need

You can acquire the equipment you need now, not just what you can afford.

A considerable number of businesses have grown their turnover and profits significantly, simply by having the correct equipment in place to do the job.

The Use and Profit from the Equipment Can Contribute Towards the Rental Cost.

Why do you want to buy the equipment?

Tying up precious working capital instead of spreading the cost, could have implications’ for your business, in terms of slowing your projected growth plans down.

Also, the benefit you take from the equipment is in the use, not in the ownership

You don’t pay for your staff 3 years in advance, why pay for your equipment in advance?

Pay for it as it works for you! Why tie up precious capital?

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