Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Equipment Leasing Help Fund?

Any type of equipment can be funded by Asset finance. Samples of recent transactions are:

£40,000 for a central heating system for a nursing home

£41,000 for a canning line for a brewing company

£22,000 for a Takeuchi excavator for a plant hire company

£17,000 for heavy duty safety flooring for a restaurant kitchen

£50,000 of scaffolding for a construction company

£25,000 bakery equipment

£40,000 for new start restaurant fit-out

£7,000 for a nurse-call system for a nursing home

£30,000 of office furniture and partitioning for an office fit-out

£30,000 of restaurant furniture and EPOS for a restaurant

£30,000 of gym equipment

£26,000 kitchen fit-out for a country house hotel

£25,000 of scaffolding over 4 years for a scaffolding business

£30,000 of soft play equipment for a new start soft play centre

How Much Can A Business Borrow?

A business can borrow from a minimum of £3,000 plus vat. We have no upper ceiling.

How Long Does It Take To Arrange Finance Through Leasing for Business?

That depends on the amount of finance being applied for. Generally, once we are in possession of all the information for a credit application, we can look to have an answer within 24 hours.

Are There Any Upfront Fees?

All finance contracts carry a documentation fee, these vary in cost from £125 plus vat.
We guarantee to pass on the most cost effective fee.

Why Wouldn’t a Business Use Cash?

Capital is a valuable asset itself in a business. By using finance, you can have a minimal impact on cash flow, as well as accelerating the return on investment quickly. So you can hold onto your valuable capital and invest it in other areas of growth (such as acquisitions, increasing sales heads, training etc.).

Isn’t My Bank The Best Source Of Finance?

Bank finance plays an important role in business growth, but for many businesses it is difficult and painfully slow to access. The options banks offer cannot match the flexibility of an alternative lenders like Leasing for Business.

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

We’ve cut all the red tape to make it as simple as possible. Generally, we require a reason why you need finance, and a recent set of business accounts, along with the usual identification documents.

I’ve Just Started in Business. Can I Still Apply?

Yes of course. Leasing for Business see new start businesses as an opportunity not a problem.
We have assisted many new businesses over the years. Even the biggest businesses have to start somewhere, and even at these early stages investment in the equipment you need to get you off the ground is absolutely essential. However, we would request a business plan, proof of loan and, if available, the last 3 months business bank statements and last set of full business accounts as standard for new customers.