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  Fixed Monthly Payments

Leasing allows you to pay affordable monthly payments and spread the equipment cost over its life. Purchasing the same equipment would mean that you are paying for 3 or 4 years use up front. Would you pay an employee's salary, 3 years in advance?

  Upgrade Options

At the end of your lease period the goods are yours. You can continue to lease more equipment or upgrade your equipment with a new lease.

  100% Tax Efficient Finance

Leasing equipment is 100% deductible against tax. VAT is paid each month and is therefore effectively deferred too.



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The main objective of any business is to earn a profit and it is important for every business to grow in a specific direction keeping pace with the fast moving economy. Businesses need to keep a strict eye on every change.
BEST FOR: Anyone looking at buying a big new business asset
INTEREST RATE: Competitively priced interest rates that suit your needs and budget. DURATION: 12 months - 60 months
SPEED OF DECISION: Decision by next working day TIMING OF CASH: Funding within 1 working day SECURITY REQUIRED: The asset being financed
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Credit Decision

Leasing For Business aim to provide a credit decision within 24 hours, providing the correct information has been provided at the outset.
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